Aidan Bennetts

Aidan attained his Bachelors' degree in Fine Art at the University in Cape Town in 2004. His work clearly exhibits an intuitive understanding of the three-dimensional form. Branching out from sculpture towards interior and product design was one that came naturally. Fine-art principles are effortlessly translated into the commissioned interiors and products he both conceptualizes and creates.

His work encompasses a variety of mediums, including traditional and contemporary. Fond of mingling the natural with the synthetic, Aidan develops signature creations by maintaining a dynamic use of resources.
Aidan's problem-solving talents were recognized as he was selected from a list of candidates to make up the team of three as one of Top Billing's DIY handymen alongside the charismatic ensemble of Jeannie D and Janez.
Realising the potential of the new ‘feather in his cap’ and inundated with requests from viewers regarding their own homes he opened his own studio.

Aidan has established a brand that is synonymous with quality and that produces continuously innovative design all the while presenting for Top Billing.