Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.
— Frank LLoyd Wright

 We believe that furniture serves a dual purpose in any space. As a functional, architectural element and as a piece of art, enhancing the aesthetic of the space. We like to view each individual piece as a sculpture, its beauty not only defined by the lines, textures and colors that is possesses but also by its function, how well it performs that function and for how long it will keep on performing. Our contract furniture is made with these roles in mind, by using the best materials and techniques we ensure longevity and flawless function all the while allowing the piece to be beautiful and unique.



HOUZZ- Nashville + Phoenix



Chef's Warehouse - Cape Town

Ivor Tables, Ivor Cocktail Tables, Draper Stools, Ivor Tapas Tables

Photography - Claire Gunn


Janse & Company - Cape Town

Y-Tables, Hardwood Chairs, Diner Chairs and Custom Circular Spindle Back Chairs

Photography - Claire Gunn


SASOL - Cape Town

Nettleton Servers and Portman Side Tables

Copy of Log Sideboard closed.jpg

Neil Ellis Wine Farm - Stellenbosch

Log Servers, Outdoor Tables, Pickup Sticks Server

Devils Peak-4155.jpg

Devils Peak Brewery - Cape Town

Custom Desks, Reception Desk, Office Furniture, Canteen Tables, Outdoor Tables and more