John Vogel 

John Vogel's company, Vogel Designs is based in Woodstock, Cape Town . They make finely crafted, imaginative, good quality furniture, earth and human friendly products.

Vogel's main goal, is to develop a global brand with sustainability, beauty, imagination as their core principles, all the while offering new ideas and empowering people through skills development in wood craft. Their style is contemporary , modern, organic with a South African vernacular.

Vogel use natural materials, timber and weaving to create organic sculptured furniture that is hand crafted. They are one of the first local design companies to interpret a modern take on the traditional riempie style weaving.

Vogel contributes monthly to a local sustainable movement called GreenPop a charity that contributes towards the planting of trees in and around the Western Cape.

In order to further reduce waste and the impact that their manufacturing has on the earth, Vogel Designs recently released a range of smalls that are crafted out of offcuts in the workshop.