Mia Wildlake

Mia Widlake’s monochromatic and witty style is inspired by old natural history illustrations, pattern, typography and people. Her collection spans ceramics, paper, cloth, bespoke and interior designs.  Mia has two young children and not much time to entertain. When her children were born, she created little bowls for each of them – one a flock of swallows, the other showing a forest of fir trees. These are used daily, “filled with light and love”. 


We love the minimal simplicity of Mia's designs, the beauty of which is backed up by incredible craftsmanship. All of the manufacturers used in the making of these products  are attempting to re-establish old industries in South Africa. Quality is a priority and all items are handmade, from the 100% Hemp Pillow Cases to the Microwave and Dishwasher safe ceramics.