Fenix Top Tapered Leg Desk

Fenix Top Tapered Leg Desk


Inspired by the vintage Formica Top Tables of the 1950’s the Tapered Leg Desk is an undemanding yet striking design and works well as a side table, work- table, desk, dining table or a coffee table. With easily detachable legs it makes for a perfect occasional table, to be transported or stored with little to no fuss. We can make this design with or without drawers. Minimum size to have one drawer is 1000mm long. Minimum size to have two drawers is 1700mm long. Made with a timber top, the edge of the top can be either the full 21mm thickness of the timber, or it can have a thin fielded 9mm edge for an added refined detail. Made with a Fenix top this desk is perfect for use in the office, canteen or kitchen as the Fenix is easy to keep neat and clean. It is also a brilliant material for children as it is hardwearing.

Natural Oak or Ash Stained Oak or Ash Ebonized Oak or Ash Walnut Iroko

39 x 24 x 30

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