Harris Dining Table

Harris Dining Table

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The Harris Dining Table, with its tapered legs and lightly bevelled top crafted from hand selected boards, maintains a delicate elegance while being incredibly sturdy and durable. It is made from solid timbers that are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Borne out of fusion of 21st century production and traditional woodworking techniques, the timeless design of the Harris Dining Table is sure to bring happy memories throughout several generations.


6 Seater Small - 63 x 31 x 30in
6 Seater Generous - 70 x 35 x 30in

8 Seater Small - 78 x 35 x 30in
8 Seater Generous - 94 x 35 x 30in

10 Seater Small - 106 x 35 x 30in
10 Seater Generous - 118 x 39 x 30in


American Oak
American Ash
African Iroko


Grey Oil
White Oil
Matte Oil
Stained Ash (Black)

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